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Welcome to AURIZON

We are team Aurizon, one of the fast emerging

Traffic Data Counting Service provider in India.

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Welcome To Aurizon

Traffic Survey Company

Aurizon Data Tech Pvt Ltd is one of the best among the Traffic Survey Companies in India. With an accumulative experience of over 12 years and latest technological infrastructure, our team of experienced professionals, have proven track record in delivering quality Traffic Data Analysis services to our clients.
Effective management of traffic data has been made easier, detailed and affordable with traffic data analysis software. Our software modules are precisely developed to save the dollar cost and provide you promising tools that are easy to use for traffic data analysis. Developed with utmost accuracy, our tools augment your growth as transport Traffic Company.
Since its commencement, Aurizon Data Tech has grown internationally as a premier Traffic survey company. Our focus has been on our core values of Quality first and Client Attention are the not-so-secret keys to our growth.
It has been our motto to stay at the cutting-edge of data collection technology so that Client get the most precise, efficient, and easy-to-use Transport data analysis services. We strive towards perfection as a Transport Traffic Company to guarantee that you get exactly the data you need with the quality you need for monitoring the movement of vehicles, bikes and people.
From robust hardware to the all-powerful Traffic Data Analysis Software, our approach exceeds client’s expectations. We take pride in our tailored Traffic survey solution and incomparable support to clients across the world.
If you are searching for the best all traffic data services, look no farther than Aurizon Data Tech Pvt Ltd. Our traffic data analysis software take care of your traffic analysis needs in a smart and efficient way. We stand taller among the traffic survey companies in India.
As a responsible and reliable traffic survey company, we leave nothing to guesswork. Our services are made available at more affordable prices compared to any other traffic survey solution provider.

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