Aurizon Data Tech has been delivering affordable quality services of traffic and transport data collection, traffic and transport data analysis and traffic and transport data count in more than 15 countries across the globe.

We work with a team of 150+ enthusiastic experienced young people, each with experience of over 12 years in this industry.

Our goal has been to provide the highest quality traffic data counting services at a competitive rate and we have delivered it to our current eleven clients and gotten very positive feedback from them and other potential clients that have contacted us.

As a traffic data survey company, we are excited to have delivered over 40,000 hours of footage with the use of high end technology and cameras which has made it easier to give our clients the gratification of our services and their decision to entrust us with their tasks.

Aurizon Data Tech has delivered the highest quality of traffic data and analysis to our clients in some of the busiest cities and towns in various countries across the globe. Some of these countries include; Dubai, Canada, Spain, UK, USA. Our accuracy in service delivery has been rated at over 98+ percent.

Our hardworking and experienced team has been dedicated over the years in not compromising any data and this has been seen through the measures taken by Aurizon Data Tech whenever handling work for our clients. Our staff members receive continuous training and are always thinking of innovative ways of further advancing our invented traffic data counting technologies.

Aurizon Data Tech has also invested in sophisticated infrastructure and the most recent technologies to not only give a touch of perfection to our clients but deliver within the shortest time frames when handling projects given the ease that comes with developed technologies. We analyze all our video recordings at a lower rate which increases the levels of our accuracy in handling traffic control data.

Our company structure is great evidence of our number one priority being handling client data with accuracy. Our enthusiastic quality manager and team leaders for 3rd level data verification reaffirm and cross check the data already collected with our own consistent software to make sure our delivery to the client is without error

We have worked over the years to build trust and make our clients a priority by delivering the highest quality of data collection yet at unassailable prices.

Choose Aurizon Data Tech today for a perfect satisfaction and experience in your traffic data collection.


We are team Aurizon, one of the leading traffic survey solution provider in India. With an accumulative experience of over 22 years and latest technological infrastructure, our team of experienced professionals, have proven track record in delivering results to our clients..


We handle every assignment with a high degree of professionalism. Our team is composed of dedicated people who are conscientious and very efficient in traffic and transport surveys. We strive for the fulfilment of the client’s vision. We respond to client promptly and follow through on promises.


We handle every task with honesty and impartiality at all times. We have a company code of conduct and a set of values that govern our relations and behaviours. We believe that integrity is the backbone of efficiency in traffic data collection since it upholds the professionalism of our staff.


Our pricing is very competitive in the market. We offer excellent services yet at very affordable rates because we use efficient mechanisms but also because we believe that our clients should not be overburdened.


We strive to make sure work is delivered within the agreed time or even better still, earlier than agreed. We do not give excuses in any way. During the course of the assignment, we have very responsive customer care officers who handle customer queries in an opportune manner.


Aurizon Data Tech has invested a lot in Research and Design because we believe that improved technology makes us more efficient in collecting traffic and transport data and analysis. We have acquired the latest technology and continue to train our staff to match these technological advancements.

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