Turning Movement Count


Turning Movement Count or most popularly known as Intersection count is to count pedestrians, cycles or vehicles which are moving towards an intersection. The main purpose is to gather the vehicle data to determine the traffic flow in that direction. Turning Movement Count is used to determine the left turn, tight turn or U turn of fast moving vehicles. Error is estimation by the Turning Movement Count are due to differences in geometric design of the roadway, traffic flow, signal timing and vehicle classification.

Aurizon Data Tech offers you Turning Movement Count Services as one of our services it provides with the latest technology making it our priority to provide clients with accurate, modest services. Traffic surveys of the flow of traffic are provided without any errors- the right data of the turns and exact directions of the traffic coming into every road junction is captured.


Our turning movement count service are an accurate solution for Traffic data analysis. The data is picked with our modern gadgets at the points of intersection. The traffic coming through and going to all turns that is captured through using our high quality cameras, providing you with the precise data based on our experience of serving our gratified clients with over 40,000 hours of footages to our clientele in the several locations around the World and an extra expertise from our team of young individuals who have exceled in turning movement count services for 7/8 years as Traffic survey solution provider.


Aurizon Data Tech offers you a service that is undoubtable in providing you with precise, reliable and substantial traffic data count services. Information ranging from traffic and pedestrian whereabouts in relation to their movements is captured so as to give you the unassuming chance to have the accurate traffic data to help you achieve your desired solutions from your reliable Traffic Data Survey Company.


Our skilled technicians are an additional benefit to the services that we offer; therefore, providing you with a reliable traffic data interpretation for the turning movement count services, paying detail and highlighting peak hours’ data to confirm the accurate counts.

Passengers and drivers in our client’s countries greatly benefit from the results of our Turning Movement Count Services. These benefits include; lessening travel time for the clients and fuel intake rates for drivers in the various client countries like Canada, Europe, Dubai and North America.

Turning Movement Count Services are a perfect solution for cities to handle traffic at intersections and road junctions. Complete data on turning counts helps with transport planning basing on analytics of the footages and the ready to interpret traffic data count services.


Choosing to trust Aurizon Data Tech services to handle your traffic data gives you a guarantee of receiving approximately 98 percent accurate data.

Our goal is to deliver the objectives of our clients to their satisfaction by giving them instant access to all the information on all services they have subscribed to.

Let us meet at a point of solutions for traffic and make traffic control an achievable goal with Aurizon Data Tech.

To start with, we want to praise you, for your much-deserving success in providing excellent Traffic Engineering solutions to your esteemed clients. We would like to offer our expertise in providing Traffic data counting support for your clients whenever needed. We are providing a very competitive hourly rate compared to the market standard. We provide guaranteed on-time delivery with over 98% accuracy rate. Please contact us for a trial, completely free of cost, so that we can showcase our capabilities.

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