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Aurizon Data Tech is a traffic data survey company. It is one of the most professionally and technologically advanced companies in offering traffic data counting services. Our Head Quarters is in Bangalore, India, but we have the capacity to do any traffic data counting work from any client from any country world over. Most of our clients are currently from Europe, Middle East, Canada, and North America, and we have been contacted by many people from all around the globe.

We highly appreciate the contribution of traffic data counting to the Traffic and Transport Planning industry and are therefore committed to delivering very detailed data and yet user-friendly reports to our clients from any part of the world. Our clients come from different categories like government institutions, private institutions and non-government organisations. We are sensitive to the challenges and issues associated with each client. We therefore make sure that the deliverables required by each client are well understood so that appropriate data is presented to the client.

Our innovations help us deliver timely, very accurate and user-friendly traffic data counts. We currently specialise in; Turning Movement Counts, Link Counts, Origin-Destination Counts, Queue Length Analysis, Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts, Parking Studies, Registration Plate Survey, Opinion and Preference Surveys. However, we may also be able to do some tasks which have not been mentioned here.

We have analysed over 2,25,000 hours of video footages and we have achieved over 98% accuracy in our work. All the clients we have worked with are very happy with our work.

We have an internal process which ensures that the data from any location, of any type, classification format and condition is checked and well analysed at various levels to ensure accuracy, safety and quality and delivered in a timely manner. Our process is very precise and yet very effective. You will have instant access to all essential information regarding your survey using interactive excel spread sheets and outputs.

Partner with us and you will receive the most innovative traffic data counting solutions. Contact us through our contact section and our very responsive team of experts will liaise with you on how we can handle your project. Aurizon Data Tech is here to meet your traffic data needs.

Together we can meet the traffic and transport planning needs of people, be it in a metropolis or a small town neighbourhood.

Latest IT Infra

Latest IT infrastructure ensures, the highest levels of quality service delivery without interruption.

Guaranteed On Time

One thing we take pride of is our guaranteed Ontime delivery record for our esteemed clients.

Over 98% Accuracy

With experienced professionals, we are able to achive more than 98% accuracy on a consistent basis.

Round the Clock Support

We provide round the clock support through email, Skype, phone whatever is preferable for clients.


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There are many exciting career opportunities with Aurizon. Explore limitless opportunities and be a part of our robust and growing team.
There are many exciting career opportunities with Aurizon. Explore limitless opportunities and be a part of our robust and growing team.

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