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License plate survey is the key technology to be implemented in an intelligent transportation system, monitoring traffic flow, tolls on a highway or even finding a stolen vehicle. However it is high time to refine the pre-existing systems as studies have proved that in India an annual of 60,000 crore has been reported due to heavy waiting time at toll plazas and check points and delays due to heavy traffic congestion in metro cities & not to mention the alarming rise in road traffic accidents.

We carry out registration License Plate Survey which involves collecting field data on vehicle license plate numbers, matching license plate numbers at various checkpoints, noting arrival times at various checkpoints, and classifying vehicles. The number of checkpoints along every route varies according to the character of the road and the road network. Checkpoints are located at major interchanges and intersections. Surveys are done on all street hierarchies.


Registration plate survey as a service runs on surveillance that includes image and footage interpretation to feed into the database all the required information by the clients about every classification and registration of the individual vehicles in the towns and cities under various projects. It also uses a combination of high-tech equipment and time-tested training to collect and present data efficiently and comprehensively.

We are able to carry out data collection manually if the need arises. In this case, the license plates are captured using camcorders and manually relayed using human observers. We also collect license plates using portable computers that automatically provide arrival time stamps.

The high tech software we use for the Parking Studies Count Services can capture the raw information about every car. The data collected from different points is matched. Monitoring is done to keep track of arrival and departure time from every vehicle’s points daily especially during peak hours which contributes to the traffic and transport data collection of the projects requested for by the clients.

The data received is analyzed and presented in usable formats as agreed upon with the client. The data requirements may vary from client to client.

Aurizon Data Tech has proved overtime and again to the eleven happy clients that with traffic and transport data count services, we deliver to the gratification of all our clients and our traffic data analysis leads to long lasting dependable solutions to cities and towns that have chosen to allow us to handle their traffic data count that we deliver with a dedicated team that has been in the field of traffic and transport data count for a recommendable time and is empowered by the production of the services with a great input.

To start with, we want to praise you, for your much-deserving success in providing excellent Traffic Engineering solutions to your esteemed clients. We would like to offer our expertise in providing Traffic data counting support for your clients whenever needed. We are providing a very competitive hourly rate compared to the market standard. We provide guaranteed on-time delivery with over 98% accuracy rate. Please contact us for a trial, completely free of cost, so that we can showcase our capabilities.

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