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Aurizon Data Tech brings the world of Manual Traffic Count Services closer to you and makes it appear achievable at any location of the World with our highly qualified staff working with recent technologies in providing reliable data collection services.

As our team has worked with clients of global repute for manual traffic count services, we provide precise services driven by experience. Backed by high end software tools our traffic data count services can be trusted for accuracy and reliability.

We offer Origin Destination Traffic Counts Services and Roundabout Traffic Count Services using up to date technologies. We help our clients to keep track of the origins of the different vehicles in the traffic cycle around the city up to the point of their destination.

Having clients in different locations like Dubai, Canada and others that have used our Origin-Destination service and Roundabout Traffic Count Services have given us positive feedback, we know that we are reliable and accurate at capturing the necessary data on origins and destinations using recent technologies. Origin-Destination counts and Roundabout Traffic Count Services services is among the variety of Manual Traffic Data Count Services provided by Aurizon Data Tech.
The most recent technologies help in capturing this data from the fixed locations of drivers to their destinations.
The movement of the vehicles is highly influenced by the time spent in queues at certain junctions and all these features are captured to our technologies in Manual Traffic Data Count Services options.
We also count traffic control data through video recordings. This option allows our team to extract the number of the vehicles manually and attain a new database that ends up in the building of the origin-destination matrix, different clients have different requirements for their projects according to their cities and towns of operation.
There are various project requirements for different clients but the technology services are still enough to cater for the requests of all our clients. Your country or city or town or project size does not matter. We can meet your every nee
Aurizon Data Tech also uses Automated Registration Plate Recognition (ARGPR) as a tool to provide our clients with traffic control data receiving data that is captured from the registered plates into the available technologized software that is synchronized with the already available databases to complete the origin-destination count requirements as preferred by the client.
Our biggest duty as Aurizon Data Tech is to deliver quality Manual Traffic Data Count Services to our clients to their satisfaction changing traffic control in growing cities to a better and more convenient modern time saving way of living both for the people and our clients as well.
Let our professionals at Aurizon Data Tech handle your origin-destination transport data collection and analysis project

To start with, we want to praise you, for your much-deserving success in providing excellent Traffic Engineering solutions to your esteemed clients. We would like to offer our expertise in providing Traffic data counting support for your clients whenever needed. We are providing a very competitive hourly rate compared to the market standard. We provide guaranteed on-time delivery with over 98% accuracy rate. Please contact us for a trial, completely free of cost, so that we can showcase our capabilities.

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