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Aurizon Data Tech is a traffic survey company that provides you with the most precise, obtainable Link Count Services which is usually done for individual vehicles moving from one point to another. We can carry out Link counts from busy motorways to quiet rural roads. We supply very accurate Link Count Services depending on the client’s requirements. We do this for any vehicle classification and any number of vehicles. Link Count Services are very effecting in providing street-level traffic data that will help in predicting traffic flow with accuracy. Planning traffic environments and developing their functionality requires analysed information on traffic flows and volumes.

We carry out Link Count Services manually especially by tallying as part of our traffic and transport data collection. Traffic data is collected by our skilled staff at different places for a given period of time providing both car classifications and the rates of speed movements of the different types of cars. The data is usually recorded bi-directionally on an hourly or half-hourly basis or as determined by the client. The Link Count Services tools used by Aurizon Data Tech give us the confidence to guarantee accuracy in the traffic data count that we provide to our clients with our experienced staff. The presence of measurement errors and time variations in the observed link flows are considered.


The challenge of traffic control is experienced by many cities and towns; some of these cities and towns are now our happy clients-these include; Canada, North America and Europe, Dubai We have provided them with these services so as to help them provide solutions to traffic control. Our aim is to extend our expertise to other countries world over-both in developed and developing cities and towns. We get inquiries from world over about our exclusive traffic data count and Link Count Services which are delivered with professionalism.


As a traffic data survey company, Aurizon Data Tech is committed to ensuring that our service helps achieve our client’s interests in public transport surveys, speed assessment surveys and speed and delay survey.


Choose Aurizon data tech today for the perfect solutions to your pending questions on traffic and transport data count, collection and analysis with our greatly experienced team that will deliver all our available services to your satisfaction with the perfect solutions and recommendations for traffic control and a better transportation data system. We shall provide you with classified data that is consistent and accurate within expected times of various projects. We believe in sustainable development and thus pride in delivering high quality work for a sustainable environment in every country world over.

To start with, we want to praise you, for your much-deserving success in providing excellent Traffic Engineering solutions to your esteemed clients. We would like to offer our expertise in providing Traffic data counting support for your clients whenever needed. We are providing a very competitive hourly rate compared to the market standard. We provide guaranteed on-time delivery with over 98% accuracy rate. Please contact us for a trial, completely free of cost, so that we can showcase our capabilities.

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