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Pedestrian Count Survey acts as a vitalizing element in estimating the traffic condition of the city since they require the data to ensure their safety and mobility. In the past due to lac of proper research, the pedestrian count survey was much neglected and more emphasis was given on collecting the actual data of moving vehicles. However estimating the Pedestrian Count by simple intuitive judgement proved to be faulty since road accidents were on the rise threatening the security of the citizens.

Walking and cycling are very popular modes of transport in cities of all sizes and developing towns around the world. Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Services on the streets or roads is very useful for transport planning, Urban Design and Urban Planning. Cycling and walking in some cities is for health benefits while in some it is the only affordable and quick way of getting around. Cycling and walking facilitate connectivity in cities. The demographics of the people using the road infrastructure for both sports and movement are helpful in carrying out comprehensive transportation data analysis.


Aurizon Data Tech has been serving many clients around the globe with traffic and transport data count services. Our services have created an impact in many cities around the globe, including cities in Canada and North America. We carry out Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Survey using the latest technologies. We count datasets at different times of the day, from various viewpoints, weather (clear, cloudy and rainy) and illumination conditions.


Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Services is a major factor of traffic and transport data collection since pedestrians contribute to the pattern of traffic behavior. Data on volumes and behaviors like what time of the day do most people walk and how do people cross roads is collected and analysed


As a traffic data survey company, we survey out pedestrians’ and cyclists’ clashes through Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Services which helps during traffic and data analysis thus helping with the achievement of the ultimate goal.

We collect data from all kinds of Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Services. This includes people with disabilities (PWDs) moving in wheel chairs and the elderly or any other people with the support of clutches and by support of other people. Knowing the number of PWDs can help in designing roads and walkways so as to ease mobility of such people and protect them from other road users.


Aurizon Data Tech provides you with the perfect Bicycle Count Services and Pedestrian Count Services to collect the manual traffic data count making it easier for our clients to make decisions that are favorable for both the pedestrians and bicycle users meeting the requirements of the various projects from different parts of the world.

Traffic data collection also makes it simpler to identify and know the pedestrians preferred lanes of movement, a step in resolving the traffic and transport challenges in any city. Aurizon Data Tech is here to help you effectively handle any project that involves analyzing data concerning pedestrianization in your city or town.

To start with, we want to praise you, for your much-deserving success in providing excellent Traffic Engineering solutions to your esteemed clients. We would like to offer our expertise in providing Traffic data counting support for your clients whenever needed. We are providing a very competitive hourly rate compared to the market standard. We provide guaranteed on-time delivery with over 98% accuracy rate. Please contact us for a trial, completely free of cost, so that we can showcase our capabilities.

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