Aurizon Smart Cities India 2019 Expo


Traffic Data Evolutionized

Since its commencement, Aurizon Data Tech has grown internationally as a premier Traffic survey company. Since we are a team of young professionals, we spring to action immediately and deliver our services within the stipulated period of time. No matter how prompt we get, we do not forget the fact that we are supposed to live up to the expectations that the client sets; thus, our clientele’s satisfaction holds utmost importance for us. Most importantly, we employ a three-layer quality check process. Given the number of clients that we have been capable of serving – we earned a reputation all around the globe.
A smart city calls for the employment of technology so that the outcomes pertaining to the operation of the city can be improved. This also means that the services that the residents avail would see an upward trajectory in terms of the quality. This concept has seen a change in the magnitude of development that is taking place throughout India. Amidst this modification, traffic data collection and management become vital as well. Traffic plays an important role in the way a city works. If the roads have not been paved in a planned manner then it is definitely going to have an impact on the economy. Having understood the need of the hour, Aurizon has come up with a set of solutions – owing to the fact that it is amongst the best traffic survey companies in India.
Since the fact that Automation is becoming the “new” in the rest of the world, Aurizon has set its focus on both Automated and Manual counting process. It has become the company’s major strength due to the reason that most times call for the classification of a particular vehicle in accordance with the number of movements that are recorded, separately. Once the young professionals have provided the raw data – it is then channelized appropriately. Nonetheless, both the methods that we make use of lead to the improvement of the quality that we cater to.
It takes a lot of planning and data analysis while the requirement is to construct a road or when the Authority has to plan the manner in which a town or a city would be constructed. Thus, Aurizon is going to help avail appropriate services so that urban transport planning or town planning can be exercised with ease. This is essential because a few cities levy importance to various means of transport – which includes the use of bicycles because it is healthy and a few others consider it to be an affordable manner to commute. Thus, this allows enough flexibility in keeping track of the traffic pattern.
Another important point that the Authority needs to consider while it is working on the development of a smart city and that is the number of designated parking spots that it has to construct. Thus, Aurizon is willing to work with the Authority keep a check on the number of vehicles that are being parked on the street in comparison to the number of vehicles that have been parked in designated parking spots. This will then lead the Authority in reaching the roots of the problems associated with parking and then push them to the path of deliberation so that the necessary remedies can be obtained in this regard.
The young professionals of our company are going to be an asset that the Smart City CEOs can utilize to their benefit – since the ideas of the clientele are channelized in an appropriate manner so that the solutions that the customers intend to provide are catered to. In addition to that, the contemporary technologies that we have employed are going to bring the Authority one step closer to making India a smart country rich in smartness within the cities. Having worked with various individuals all around the globe, we have garnered the expertise to no matter which task that comes our way.
Also, it is of importance to note that this service that we are providing for must be rolled out very strategically throughout the numerous cities that exist. This will help in cutting down the costs that are required to be put into the efficient traffic data collection and management process. Global intervention is required to be taken and Aurizon is going to will like to work with the Authority to do just that. Enslaving ourselves to the older methods would lead to a deterioration in the planning methods being put into place by the Authority and this is going to have a negative repercussion on the economy. Thus, it is about time that we begin to plan smartly with Aurizon to become smart, by the minute.